Bi-County Times

December 2022

From Our Executive Director: Jeanne Sullivan

Happy New Year!!! I can't believe it's 2023 and that we are already in January!!! Time goes by so quickly!!!

During the month of December, several of our classes were able to practice their skills in the community. BICO students went out for breakfast, shopped for gifts, attended a play, etc... On the surface these experiences are fun opportunities but they are also essential opportunities for our students to practice and generalize the skills that they have learned in the classroom with the support of classroom staff. While going out for breakfast, students are expected to practice social skills, communication skills, money math all while enjoying being with each other. This is true of our other trips as well.

As we approached the Holiday Break we held three BICO wide events, door decorating, a BICO Spirit Week and a Collaborative Wide Zoom Meeting. These opportunities are wonderful ways to bring our students and staff together when we are not under the same roof. Thank you to Ms. Brousseau and Mrs. Jones for creating the Sprit Week and Ms. Ludwig, Mrs. DeBlois, Ms. Metell, Mrs. Winston, Ms. Masseur, Ms. Trumbull and Mrs. McMorrow for helping to facilitate our Zoom Meeting. You will see in the pictures below that our staff and students really enjoyed participating in some of the events. Thank you also to everyone who decorated their classroom/office doors.

I would be remiss if I did not mention the importance of staying healthy. As we have seen in the news and experienced to some degree there are lots of germs going around including COVID, RSV and Flu. Please be sure to wash your hands, stay home / keep students home if they are not feeling well. If you have not already done so please consider getting your COVID vaccine/booster and Flu vaccine. Please stay well!!!!

I wish you all a Happy, Healthy 2023!!!


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Happenings Around the Collaborative!

PDLP & EDLP: Mansfield

This month we have all been very jolly! Spirit week brought us a lot of fun & cozy outfits, great crafts, and even reading an immersive, sensory-based version of "The Polar Express"! This holiday cheer was extremely exciting, and we even celebrated raising $800 for our program through our Card Fundraiser! We wish everyone a happy & healthy new year, and are looking forward to being back in 2023! :)

SEAP: Plainville

SEAP Wood enjoyed celebrating the holidays kicking the month off with a trip to Stadium Theater to see Charlie Brown Christmas! Students learned about different holidays, and enjoyed participating in spirit week!

TEAP: Plainville

Mrs. Jones class showing their spirit for PJ Day!

TEAP : Wrentham

Wrentham TEAP classrooms enjoyed creating gingerbread houses before the winter break. The students were so creative and hardworking in their creations!
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SEAP: Bellingham

SEAP in Bellingham had quite an exciting December! They had a Gingerbread House decorating day with families! They also visited Bass Pro Shops in Foxborough and had a visit with Santa!

TEAP: Plainville

The students at TEAP Jackson enjoyed learning about holidays around the world. One country they enjoyed learning about is how Mexico celebrates Christmas. The students made piñatas and enjoyed sharing them with their families. The students also enjoyed pajama day at school.
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SELC: Walpole

7 Dogs of Summit!

Staff and Students had a special visit from 7 therapy dogs.

SLBP: Bellingham

Students in SLBP worked hard during the month of December on a lot of social and communication skills directly taught during our group with our speech therapist. These skills included compromising, disagreeing respectfully, showing kindness, self-control, reading the room, talking perspective, solving problems and being flexible. Students earned points when they were caught generalizing these skills throughout each school day! When they earned all of the points, they received an English muffin pizza party!!

TEP: Foxboro

TEP acted out the play version of the Christmas Carol by Charles Dickens adapted by Frederick Gaines. They did a great job with their roles! We then watched a film version of the play the following day. It was fun to see the characters come to life through our students!
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AMS: Franklin

AMS had an exciting month of December as they participated in Pajama Day for Spirit Week and went to King Street Café for their annual holiday breakfast!
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LREP: Bellingham

We had such a fun December welcoming our new friend John into our classroom! We also had so much fun trying to take a class picture for Merry Morning Spirit Day!
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SMS: Wapole

Mrs.Sousa's class decorated their door for December. Also, we had a spirit week the last week of school before break that the students participated in.

Art and Culture

Mrs. Crosby’s Art Class- Middle School students at Summit School, have been learning about the purposes and processes of ancient art. After viewing images of ancient art, students then explored the styles and techniques of native cultures of Mexico and North America. Some of the artwork created were pottery and yarn art.

SHS: Wapole

The following pictures represent some of our work understanding many of the holidays celebrated during this time of year. Students participated in the School Wide ZOOM presentation with our Executive Director by lighting the Chanukah candles with staff and playing the dreidel game. Students also dressed up for BICO's Holiday Spirit Week as well as helped decorate our classroom door. Additionally, students explored the themes of courage, joy, spirit, celebrations, community, equality, and diversity through short stories and non-fiction.

STAP: Walpole

STAP had some fun before the break.

Students made cookie jars and potpourri bags to take home.

We had a family STAP breakfast as well, where students cooked and enjoyed eggs, bacon, and a waffle bar!

LRTC (9-12): Walpole

This month our students learned about different holiday traditions. We spent a lot of time singing Christmas carols! Our students enjoyed building their own snowman on our interactive door!

LRTC (18+): Wapole

The month of December was a very busy month. Students worked hard on holiday decorations for the classroom. The students did a nice job working together to create a Gingerbread house.

ATP: Walpole

This month in ATP, students participated in a ‘Secret Friend’ gift exchange. Students were assigned a secret peer and provided a “wish list” that they used to go shopping to purchase a gift from Five Below. Students wrapped their presents and exchanged them at a special holiday luncheon. The event taught students about the importance of giving, being thankful, and appreciating the efforts of others. Students were excited to receive their gifts however, most reported looking forward more to giving their gift to a peer. It was a great celebration and the team was very proud of the ATP students.

December Door Decorating!