Racism story

By: Wyatt Harrison


This is a story that I made up because I do not want to get accused of copyright but it is along the lines of a tragic story.


One day a very successful man named Jerome was walking down the street in his workout clothes going to the gym. A cop pulled up he said “ Why were you talking to that white guy back there he isnt your friend.” Then jerome said to the cop “That over there is my employee he works for me and since it is the weekend I just wanted to stop by and say hi.” The cop said “ I don't believe you.” Then the cop asked for his ID and jerome said “No.” So the cop put him in handcuffs and started to pat him down. Jerome tried to tell the cop “ I own a very successful business.” The the cop said “ I don't believe you.” And then the cop started punching jerome and started beating him to the ground. Then the cop left. Jerome was beat up and just got his new gym clothes ripped and dirty and he was very angry.

That day Jerome went up to the county police and told him his story and they all believed him because he was wearing a suit and looked very sharp. What happened was Jerome came to the court and told him the story and the judge said “ Well this here deputy has had a lot of encounters with racism and now he is going to be behind bars for along time because In the declaration of independence it states that men are equal.” Then Jerome said Thank you and went on with his day.

If you were that person what would you do. Do you think that is the right thing to do think on that.

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Would you do that to someone looking like this walking down the street.