The Revolution is Here!?

Cory Ashbaugh--6th period

What is it?

  1. Whenever one decides to Google search the question, what is a political revolution, he/she will receive this exact response... "A political revolution, in the Trotskyist theory, is an upheaval in which the government is replaced, or the form of government altered, but in which property relations are predominantly left intact." To me, this is basically saying that a political revolution is when an individual or a group of individual attempt to overthrow a government for a change.

Benefits vs. Costs

The benefits of starting a revolution greatly outweigh the cost to me. My reasoning behind this is for one, no one wants to live their life unhappy with something their government is doing, so why not go ahead and try to do what you can to get the change you want. To me, the chance of getting what I truly want out of my government is motivation enough because it can allow us to live the life we want if it works.