Registered Nurse

Bailee Weimer

Interview with: Whitney Lewis

1. How long have you been a RN?

- 8 years

2. What training did you need in order to be sucessful?

- 4 years of college, college degree

3. Can i do this out of high school? school?

- you can obtain a bachelors degree in nursing, or an assiociates degree in nursing after hugh school

4. How did you first get involved with this career?

-after completing college, i applied for an internship program in critical care which then led to my first job as an RN

5. Are there opportunities for advancement?

-yes, in all aspects of nursing there there is room for advancement

6. Can you get tuition reimbersement?

-yes, if you choose to furthrer your nursing education, most employees offer tuition reimbursment programs

7. What is the most interesting project you ahve ever been involved with?

- the most interesting part of my job has to be when i would recover patients after open heart surgery

8. Describe a typical day in your career?

-my most recent RN job as ina busy cariology practice. my day waould typically start by retreving overnight voice messages and calling patients back. then i would begin seeing patients with the phyisican for about 3-4 hours, the afternoon was spent completing diagnostic testing such as stress tests etc. and then completing all voicemails throughout the day by patients, and calling test results.

9. How much vacation time do you get a year?

-3 weeks paid vacation per year

10. What is the job outlook for this profession?

-this career path is full of countless opportunities ina variety of settings.

11. Do you see yourself continuing this career ten years from now?

-yes i certianly would like to

interview analysis

1. what other possible questions of information would you like to have asked or fould out duriong the iverview?

-i would have liked to ask her hours and the dress code thath is required. I also wanted to know things she dislikes about her job and things she loves about it.

2. what did you learn about this particualr career that you did not know before your interview?

- i learned that a typical day in her shoes was a lot of work. you cant just fly by the seat of your pants and expect things to get done.

3. what do you think would be the most challenging aspects of this career?

- The most challenging aspect of this career to me would be changing and shifting gears a lot, liek calling patients the, workign with the patients and then doing test work.

4. what overall impressions do you have about this career?

- i like this career a lot, it is something i could see my self picking up in the long run.

5. do you think you may want to pursue this career in thefuture? why or why not?

- yes, i like the way whitney explained her career it made me very intrested. i was very intrested before the interview but after i am ver intrested.