Night Conflicts

Claire McCleary 2pd

Man vs Man

Idek and Elie had a conflict. Elie got into Idek's way when he was throwing a tantrum and Idek took it out on Elie. Idek threw himself on top of Elie and started to attack him. He beat, hit, and punched Elie until he was covered in blood. This affected Elie by causing him to crawl over to a corner where he made his first friend; A french girl who spoke to him and told him not to cry. he didn't let this beat him, he recovered and learned to stay out of Ideks way.


  • "His blows growing more and more violent until I was covered in blood.
- Idek wasn't fully satisfied until Elie was covered in blood, he had no respect for him.

  • "It was the French girl. She gave me a mournful smile and slipped a bit of bread into my hand.
- The French girl befriended Elie and wanted to comfort him after he was beaten.

  • "Don't cry. Keep your anger and hatred for another day."
- She gives him advice not only to keep him from getting in trouble but to give him hope.

Man vs Self

Towards the end of Night Elie and Mr. Wiesel are close to dying. They have only eaten some snow and grass in a week, and are so week and dehydrated they can barely keep moving. This affects both of them differently. Mr. Wiesel wants to quit fighting and give up, but Elie can see the end and wants to keep pushing forward. In the end, Mr. Wiesel is beaten by this conflict and dies, and Elie barely makes it out alive.


  • "I can't go on... This is the end... I'm going to die here..."
- Mr. Wiesel started to give up. When he stopped believing he could make it out alive he became to grow weaker and more ill.

  • "Keep going! We are getting there! Courage! Only a few more hours!"
-Elie says that these encouraging words did a deal of good. He said he didn't want to give up so close to the end.

  • "Take pity on your old father, leave me here to rest."
- Mr. Wiesel no longer had the energy or motivation to keep moving on.

Man vs Nature

Elie has a conflict with disease. Elie's foot becomes infected so he is sent to the hospital where he needs to have an operation. The doctor has to cut open his foot to relieve swelling. The infection affected Elie by making it harder to get around and run without being in pain or bleeding. He did overcome being ill. He quickly recovered and was able to return back to the block with his father.


  • "Everything went off well. You're brave my boy. Now you're going to stay here for two weeks, rest comfortably, and it will be over. "
- This shows that the operation went well for Elie and that he would be okay.

  • "The sole of your foot was all full of puss. We just had to open the swelling."
- His foot was infected but luckily he wouldn't have to have it amputated and it wasn't as serious as he had thought.

  • "You'll see. In a fortnights time you'll be walking about like everyone else."
- Elie was able to overcome his infection, and would be recovered and begin to work again.

Man vs Society

In the beginning of Night, Moche the Beadle is deported because he worked at the Hasidic Synagogue of Sighet. Jews were being discriminated and executed because of their religion. During World War II, it is the Jews vs the Nazis and Hitler. This affected Jews by deporting them to concentraion camps, and doing what they were told in fear of being killed. Some Jews were beaten by the conflict; Mr. Wiesel dies from cremation and other Jews were shot, tortured, gassed, etc. But some overcame the conflict; Elie kept on fighting and made it out of the concentration camps escaping with his life.


  • "They must have taken him away before dawn and carried him to the crematory. He may still of been breathing."
- The Nazis didn't even care if you were completely dead. Almost dead was as good as dead in Hitler's book.

  • "And Moch the Beadle was a foreigner. Crammed into cattle trains by Hungarian police, they wept bitterly."
- The Nazis showed no respect for the Jews. They were just thrown into cattle trains and treated like wild animals.

  • "From the depths of the mirror, a corpse gazed back at me. The look in his eyes as they stared into mine has never left me."
- They treated the Jews so badly. Elie was starving and almost dead when he got out of the concentration camp. He escaped barely with his own life.