Paul Gauguin

Business Man Turned Artist


Paul Gauguin lived in Paris in the late 1800's as a stockbroker with a newly found hobby in the world of impressionist art. Gauguin was passionate about art, and after a massive crash in the stock market, he left the business world to become purely an artist. He mainly stuck to impressionist art as well as various wood and ceramic sculptures.


Although it was not as clear while he was alive, Paul Gauguin was one of the first artists to successfully produce paintings that can be considered a "primitive" style. Gauguin can be noted for his major influence on modern art, bringing inspiration to well-known artists such as Pablo Picasso. Some of Gauguin's most famous works include Ia Orana Maria, Vision After the Sermon, and Yellow Christ.

Life In Paris

Around 1873, Paul Gauguin began his married life in Paris. He found himself here due to his "nomadic" lifestyle and his Guardian who gave him the opportunity. It is in Paris where Gauguin began his work as an artist while working with his mentor/tutor Camille Pissarro. With more influence from another artists, Paul Cezanne, Gauguin began making groundbreaking art that pushed the the Impressionist movement in the 1800's. Although Gauguin moved around France a lot, it is Paris where he started his career and kept coming back to to spread his work.