April 27th READ News

Resources and Supports for Educators

In this Edition you will find:

  • Invitation for May 1st
  • Information on Finalizing READ Plans
  • Ending RtI Interventions in Enrich
  • Choosing an Outcome for READ Plans
  • State Reporting Deadlines
  • 2015-16 Assessment Plan Information

Invitation for Friday May 1st 11:30-1:00 pm

This Friday Teaching Partners will have a more in-depth opportunity to deepen their own understandings about how to support English Language Learners who are on a READ Plan. We highly encourage all Teaching Partners to attend Friday's session. If the Teaching Partner is not able to attend, or if your school doesn't have a TP, we are extending an invitation for schools to send 1-2 representatives, if possible, who can take this learning and information back to your building.

There will be whole group learning around writing oral language goals using some revised resources created by the ELA Department. Teaching Partners and other Lead Learners will then choose a Breakout Session that best meets their needs connected to supporting their own learning or their building's needs. Please let us know what questions you have.

Finalizing a READ plan means you are Activating the Plan

Reminder to Finalize all READ Plans

  • There are many READ Plans district-wide that are still in draft status.
  • Plans are not considered ACTIVE until they are finalized and teachers won't be able to progress monitor until plans are finalized.
  • Finalize plans after entering the parent communication information.
  • To access a report for your school: READ-Pending Items Report (This reports shows students who have had a plan ended, but no new draft started) and READ Open Draft by Team Leader (This report shows plans that have been started, but not completed)
  • After you log-into Enrich, it will take you to the report page
  • If you have any questions about these reports or about specific Enrich questions, please contact Kim Patten

Ending RtI Interventions in Enrich

  • We will no longer close out RtI plans at the end of the school year. READ Plans and AGATE Plans stay open all year, so we are keeping RtI intervention plans open as well.
  • At the end of the year, all teachers will need to update current intervention plans in Enrich with data and comments to help next year's teacher understand what interventions were in place as well as the effectiveness of the intervention (s). This will help teacher's plan for precise intervention support soon after the beginning of the 2015-16 school year.
  • This will also give schools the opportunity to batch print all open plans at the beginning of the school year in order to better prepare teachers and support students.
  • If you have any questions, please ask for support from your MTSS Partner.

Choosing an Outcome for READ Plans:

Make sure teachers choose the correct outcome in the READ Plan:

Continue READ Plan-Student still qualifies
  • Choose this option if you are revising a goal or updating the progress monitoring in the READ Plan. After you choose this option, go back to the programs page and create the new plan.
Exited District-Student no longer attends an APS School
  • Please check IC or with the school clerk to make sure the student is NOT enrolled in an APS school.
Transition to monitoring with MTSS support
  • Student recently reached grade level proficiency, but the teacher needs to continue to monitor closely with MTSS support.

Exit Read Plan-Student is Proficient

  • With collaborative support from the MTSS team and the family, the student has demonstrated a body of evidence and a decision has been made to exit the READ Plan. Please see link below if you have questions about when to exit a student from a READ Plan. Exiting a READ Plan
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State Reporting: Data Entry Deadlines

Reminder that May 8th is the deadline for all teachers to enter data into Enrich on ALL students K-5.

K-3: Enter a DRA-2 level

4th Grade: Students on a READ Plan-enter a DRA-2 level, for all others-enter either DRA-2 or BAS level.

5th Grade: Enter DRA-2 level or BAS level.

(Please consult the Key Assessment Chart dated 9/15/2014 for specific details on all assessment requirements).

  • DRA-2 must be administered for ALL students K-3 and students in 4th grade who have a READ Plan. There is not an option this year to administer BAS in lieu of DRA-2 and correlate the DRA-2 score to report.
  • Please support teachers who may need to review DRA-2 administration and scoring guidelines.

IF your school has an alternative calendar and you have questions about the deadline date, please contact Kim Patten.

UPDATES on the 2015-16 Assessment Plan

  1. Beginning FALL 2015, we will no longer use DRA-2 as our assessment screener. The state is removing it from their approved list of assessments.
  2. We will be using PALS as both our screener and our diagnostic assessment tool.
  3. The BAS (Benchmark Assessment System) will be used to progress monitor reading level growth.
  4. All students in grades 1-3 need to be assessed using PALS within the first part of the school year according to state guidelines. They will have to take the required assessments as determined by PALS to get a summed score.
  5. The state is in the process of making some changes to the READ Act legislation, including the time-frames for testing and confirming if a student has a Significant Reading Deficiency.
  6. One possible change involves the state reporting requirements. If it is approved, students who score at benchmark/proficiency level on the initial PALS screener will not need the assessment again at the end of the year. This would cut down some unnecessary assessments for students who are proficient. We will communicate when we receive final approval from the state.
  7. The Key Assessment Chart is in the process of being revised and will be released after we receive confirmation of changes to READ Act requirements.
  8. We will continue to provide you updates as soon as we have additional information.

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