Drones and their uses.

Drones have lots of uses.

Sharifs office using a Draganflyer X6 drone

What I found

In my research I have found that drones have many more uses than I thought such as finding buried avalanche survivors using real-time thermal cameras mounted to the bottoms of drones (Ortiz).

Some different types of drones

My BIG Question.

What are the most common uses for drones?

My big question was "what are the most common uses for drones?" And I have found that the answer is for photography and recreation. I didn't find this surprising as many weaponized drones are very expensive and as of now search and rescue drones are only in experimental stages. Two smaller questions I had were "why are some people afraid of drones?" And I found that it is because most people associat the word "drone" with automated flying killing machines (Dzieza). Another question I had was "how do drones rescue people?" And I found many results, one of which was that a drone could bring a defibrillator to a person having a heart attack (Ortiz).