Traits Digital Poster

By Geoff Mosseau


This type if leadership is based off of the needs of the people that are following the leader. The definition of unselfishness is- not selfish, generous. This means that the leaders are going to make decisions that not only affect them but greatly affect the people as well. Decision making in this type of leadership may take some time because the leader has to find ideas that are not selfish and can have a positive impact on the people as well.

Leader who Identify's this Trait- Derek Jeter

Derek Jeter is a leader that is unselfish because of the way he gives back to his community. Derek has a foundation that is called "Turn 2" . This foundation helps young kids to "turn" away from drugs and alcohol and "turn 2" a healthier lifestyle. This foundation has raised close to 20 million dollars. This shows that Derek is a leader that is very unselfish.
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Other Leader who Identify this Trait-Clayton Kershaw

Clayton Kershaw is an all-star pitcher for the L.A dodgers. He shows this trait because he gives back to kids in Africa that are unfortunate and do not have as much as normal kids. He helps the CURE hospital in the Dominican Republic to help kids get the right medical attention they need. He also held "Kershaw's Challenge", this challenge was to give the kids the "Field of Dreams" and this helped the inner city kids in Dallas Texas to have a baseball field to play on instead of being out on the streets. This shows how unselfish Clayton Kershaw is because he gives back a lot to unfortunate kids.