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May 2016

Where's Annie?

May 2nd: WLE

May 3rd: WLE

May 4th: WLE

May 5th: WLE

May 6th: SVE

May 9th-13th: SVE

May 16th: SVE

May 17th: SVE

May 18th: WLE

May 19th: WLE

May 20th: WLE 8:20-11:30 SVE 11:45-4:20

May 23rd TBD (I will split this day as well)

If you could write a letter to yourself on your first day as an educator, what would you say?

If I Knew Then: A Letter to Me on My First Day Teaching

What if the world had no teachers? The answer, according to students.

World Without Teachers

Happy Staff Appreciation Week!

Every single one of you makes a difference in the lives of our students!

Some "Nuts and Bolts" for the Remainder of the School Year

May 10th: All student materials due!

May 13th: All teacher materials due to OTHER SITES and RESOURCE LIBRARY

May 23rd: All teacher materials due for YOUR BUILDING

Summer School Check-out

May 16th: Submit ILL request. You will not be able to request from other sites during summer school. ILL requests from other schools will be delivered to your home school by May 23rd. ILL requests from Resource Library will come to your summer school location. Send an e-mail to in order to assure correct delivery. You will need to return the borrowed items to your home school once school starts in August.