Bangladesh War

By Urian

The war started in March, 1971, and ended in December 16, 1971. The Indian people created a Mukti Bahini, freedom fighters that are trained and armed for anything that happens. Nearly 10 million pakistanis fled west across the border to India. More than 1million Bengalis, Hindus and suspected dissidents were murdered by the Pakistan army. The Pakistan General signed terms of surrender with the Indian general in December 16,1971. Independent researchers think that between 300,000 and 500,000 people died.,29307,1844754,00.html

Pakistanis fled their land in the 10 millions escaping hunger and atrocities of the Pakistani army. Many mass graves have yet to be uncovered of the thousands of the Bengalis killed by the Pakistani army. Men who were suspected of collaborating with the Pakistani army would be shot in public. This war started when political views changed between the west and the east demanding autonomy and independence. During the same year, United States provided politically and materially help to Pakistan. Although President Nixon denied getting involved, a warship was sent off the shores of India and threaten them with a nuclear strike. At the same time, Russia provided support to India and also sent a nuclear submarine to help in defense with the ship that the United States had sent. In December of 1971, Pakistani army surrenders in Dhaka and an army of about 90,000 became India's prisoners of war. In December of 1971, East Pakistan becomes the independent country of Bangladesh. After a long war period, the nation of Bangladesh was free and sought recognition by the United Nation and by 1972 was finally accepted.


East and West Pakistan before 1971.