Region XI School Nurses Association

December Newsletter 2015

Message From Outgoing President

THE CRYSTAL BALL and the outcome of Region Eleven School Nurse Association.

The crystal ball is having trouble seeing what the future of this organization will look like.

The future is dim but only you can help brighten it up. This organization needs new board members to step up to the plate to keep this organization going.

Becky Gray will take over as President that leaves her position of vice-president opened. This person is in charge of locating speakers, getting CEU and setting up the time with Service Center. This is a group effort as we all pull together to get it organized. This position needs to be filled as quickly as possibly if there is to be any type of conference in the fall of 2016.

Amanda Webb has agreed to be the new treasurer; she will be working with Melissa over the next several months to learn the checks and balances.

Lee Carol Copeland has agreed to stay on as secretary.

Paula Kershaw will keep the job of historian and keep the face book page active.

Pam Coffield has Laura James learning the what, who, where and when of getting a newsletter out to the membership.

Another elected position is that of nominations, we are in need of 2 people—they will contact members to see if they want to serve on the board and come up with a ballot after the term is up for the present board. This is not a must be filled position at this time.

The hospitality position will be SherryAnn M. Agbabiaka and Makinzie R Heard. Roseann has agreed to help them if and when we have another conference.

We still are looking to appoint someone to the job of membership. She will get the names from TSNO and will add those attending our conferences. She is in charge of the name badges for conferences. This person will work closely with the treasurer and the hospitality person for all conferences.

Fund raising chairman position generally has a person who likes to shop. She has a budget and always presents ideas to the board before purchasing them. She will sell the items at all conferences and if she is willing will also take them to state convention. If the budget allows, there may be funds to pay for her registration to convention.

Does the crystal ball show an active board helping the members get CEU’s and interacting with other school nurses at a local conference or does the ball see the organization going into a dormant stage—hoping in the future someone will once again bring life into it.


Kathy Orwig

IF interested in helping out—please contact: Kathy.Orwig or Becky Gray at

What a Fun Way to Learn and Meet Other School Nurses

I attended the TSNO 13th Annual Conference this past November. The theme was School Nursing: Promoting the Health of the Whole Child. It lasted Friday through Sunday and it was a weekend well spent.

One reason that I wanted to go was to attend the all day Friday session on “Spanish Today for Medical Professionals.” I speak pretty good “clinic Spanish” but thought that I can use all the help that I can get. This session presented by Zinta Inspired Language explained some of the quirks of the Spanish language that I had not known before. I also received 2 books from this course – a large text/work book and a pocket guide for clinic use.

There were about 10 breakout and general sessions to choose from on Friday and Saturday. They varied from the State mandated Jurisprudence to Genetic Disorder: School Implications to Celiac Disease and Non-Gluten sensitivity in Children.

The networking was great. I reconnected with a nurse from El Paso that I had made acquaintance with at another state conference 3 years ago. It was fun to compare clinic experiences with her. I was the only nurse from my district to attend but I felt comfortable and welcomed when I sat with nurses from El Paso, Houston and San Antonio. School Nurses are a great family and I felt welcome no matter who I chatted with.

I really enjoyed looking at the Vendor booths. There was everything from fun nurse items to lice prevention and computer programs. I got a year’s supply of pens, notepads and pencils.

The TSNO convention is fun and educational. Try to reserve one weekend next November to attend! Ask your friends to go along and make it a girls’ weekend. I highly recommend that all school nurses attend.

Paula Kershaw, RN, MSWP, NCSN

Lillie J Jackson ECC

Lewisville ISD

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Happy Holidays

We at Region XI wish to send warm holiday greetings to all of the wonderful school nurses. Everyone works hard each school day to promote the wellness of your students and in doing so, contribute to their education. Through education, the youth of today become tomorrow's leaders, innovators and policy makers. Your role is vital to this cause. Thank you for your dedication, caring and professionalism. Enjoy your well deserved break and may 2016 bring you joy, prosperity and good health!

Region XI Board Members

President: Becky Gray

Vice President: open

Secretary: Lee Carol Copeland

Treasurer: Melissa Cadenhead

Publicity: Pamela Coffield

Hospitality: Rosanne Beck