Jessica Chavez


My name is Jessica Garcia - Chavez. I am a 15 year old sophomore. I go to South western Heights HS. I plan to graduate by 2019. and whenever I graduate I plan to become a CNA and work with the elderly.

I was born in Seward Counties Hospital on June 14th. First I lived in Denver, Colorado for 3 years. But then we moved to Plains and since then I have lived in Plains for 12 years.

I have three brothers and 0 sisters. Two of my brothers are older than me and 1 is younger. My oldest brother is twenty-three, my second oldest brother is nine-teen and my youngest brother is four.

10 Facts

  • I'm 15.
  • I go to school at Southwester Heights HS.
  • I live in Plains, KS.
  • My favorite thing to do when I'm not busy is either sleep or be with friends.
  • My favorite color is either Pink or Purple.
  • I have 3 siblings.
  • I do not plan on getting married or having kids in the future.
  • My favorite type of chips are Funyuns.
  • I love being with family.
  • I hate reading.
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Favorite Website.

This website is the best if you like giving makeovers and doing girly stuff. Also if you're like five.