Pendragon: The Pilgrims of Rayne

by: D.J. MacHale

Anjali Satpathy 3

Pages: 560

Genre: Fantasy, Action

Lexile: 620


At the beginning of the book Siry was a rebellious kid and was the leader of a group of rebels called the Jakills who wanted to find out all the secrets that the tribunal was keeping from the people of Rayne. When Siry and Bobby find Rubic City though, all of Siry's friends die because of the Flighters. That experience changed Siry's way of thinking. He became more mature and started thinking rationaly. He was able to help Bobby try and stop Saint Dane from destroying the way of life forf the people of Ibara.

Aja Killian:

Aja Killian was the traveler of Veelox three centuries ago. She left her digital journal behind for someone to find. When Siry and Bobby find her journal it describes the purpose of Ibara and the conflict between the people of Ibara and the Flighters. It helped Siry and Bobby confront the tribunal and figure out why Veelox was left to just and island.

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I used the book 10 trailer because I oculdn't find one for book 8