Mrs Bulloch's Phys Science Class

Gardner Newman Middle School

Last Week's Review

We spent our week wrapping up our unit on Forces and Motion. Speed Lab was the highlight of the week. Students had to be timed running, jumping, skipping, .... Once they had their data, they had to graph and calculate speed and acceleration. The rest of the week was spent reviewing and preparing for our last unit test of the year. We also took the time to thank and say "good bye" to Miss Baker for her time spent with us.

Next Week's Preview

Monday: Exemption Letters to go home

Tuesday and Wednesday: Review for Fall Final

Thursday and Friday: Finals

Students will bring exemption letters home Monday to be signed.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!!!

Well Wishes for Miss Baker

Miss Baker has finished her internship with our class. We are sad to see her go. She worked hard and was a great asset to the learning environment. We wish her the best for her future endeavors!!