Folklore and festivals

Project Learning event


  • Know and appreciate the folklore of partner countries.
  • Enjoy the festivities of the countries members respecting their customs.
  • Share our customs and typical songs.
  • Work collaboratively by group of mixed nationalities.

Age of students

The project would be for pupils of 8-9 years
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ICT resources

  • Smore
  • Prezi
  • Glogster
  • Widbook
  • ..........

The lesson plan

Develop a collaborative work to learn about folklore and customs of the partners through a collaborative digital book in which our parties we share with our partners which should answer a few questions and make a sketch of what we have told them in the book.


We will organize groups for each chapter of the book.


  1. We will carry out the assessment with students in large group as peer.
  2. We will make a rubric for evaluating which students may work.
  3. We will assess the work of the teacher as guide of the process.


  • Social networks: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest.
  • Blog of the class.
  • Website of the school.
  • Local newspaper.