Learning Logs #23

personalized note taking

Why use Learning Logs?

  • Students use these journals as tools for learning
  • Personalize their learning
  • Teachers can provide individual feed back as they monitor logs
  • Teachers can easily see if students are understanding and comprehending content

Learning Logs incorporate many different strategies

into one


1. Prepare Learning Logs - papers stapled together, notebooks, etc

2. Use Learning Logs - students take notes, drawings, vocab words, summaries, etc

3. Monitor Student Entries - teacher make notes, clear up confusion, answer questions

4. Write Reflections - have students review their logs and write reflections on what they learned!

Learning Logs can be used across all grade levels!

When to use Learning Logs

  • Thematic units
  • Across all content areas
  • When reading informational text or content-area textbooks


  • Students comprehend grade-appropriate informational texts
  • Students gather information from print and digital sources
  • Students identify key ideas and details, making connections among ideas, and analyze viewpoints

What do students put in their Learning Logs?

  • Questions
  • Pictures
  • Maps
  • Graphs
  • Clusters of notes
  • Responses to videos or stories
  • Endless possibilities
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