Monday Minutes

September 8, 2015

We're Teaching Now

Welcome back from what I hope was a wonderful three day weekend. I'm sure glad to see you all returned. :) Some of us look like we could use another day to recover from the three day weekend. It's always fun to see how much more we can shove into that third day and still have energy to come to work on Tuesday and make a positive difference for kids.

Last week I reminded everyone about the importance of student supervision at all times. In going back, it looks like I left one area out -- the playground. On more than one occasion last week I had an opportunity to observe teachers at recess. There was a tendency to find teachers visiting with each other instead of being in areas where they could see AND HEAR what students were saying and doing. Recess is typically a time where we have the most student struggles. It is a prime opportunity for us to be proactive with our interactions with kids and mingly among them to discourage inappropriate conversations or actions. Thanks for taking a moment to review how supervision looks with you and your team members and making any adjustments if necessary to meet the request above.

As we noted when looking at data during the first of year inservices, writing is an area where we can make substation growth. Please make sure that students are engaged in the writing process a minimum of every other day and preferably daily. Just like any skill, writing must be practiced and coached regularly for our kids to become strong and confident writers. To that end, our first writing samples in each grade level should be completed by the end of next week. I will be visiting with the leadership team tomorrow about the scoring of those writings. Anyone who is interested in providing input is welcome to attend the team leader meeting.

Speaking of meetings, all staff will need to come to the library at 3:00 tomorrow for a quick United Way Kickoff meeting. Melinda Tate is spearheading this effort for our campus and needs just a moment of our time to discuss this initiative.

One of the true blessings for me this year is the gift of time. With Kristen here each day and fewer student disruptions thus far (knock on wood), I plan to be in your classes much more than last year. I also plan for either Kristen or I to look at lesson plans for each grade on a weekly basis. If you would simply leave your lesson plan book/binder open at a place we can access, that would be fantastic. We will initial when we have reviewed your plans and hopefully provide some feedback for you. This should allow us to be more touch with what is going on instructionally and better support you with whatever you may want or need.

Computers, computers, computers. It appears that every grade level

now has the correct number of computers per classroom. In addition, we have a few extra computers that were in classroom spaces that we are not currently using. If you need additional computers, please reserve them in advance with Karen. These will be checked out for specific periods of time and made available to every grade level. In addition, please remember that

Upcoming Events

  • September 9th United Way Kickoff -- Quick Meeting at 3:00 in Library
  • September 9th Team Leader Meeting -- 3:15 in Conference Room
  • September 9th Dining for Dollars -- Buffalo Bluez 11:00-8:00
  • September 11th Rowdy Pep Rally-- K-2 at 9:30; 3-5 at 10:10 in Gym
  • September 11th PACE Referral Deadline for new move-ins
  • September 14th Monday Morning Assembly -- 7:40-8:00 in Gym
  • September 15th Cub Scouts Flag Raising (tentative)
  • September 15th All Pro Dads Breakfast -- 7:00 a.m., in Gym
  • September 16th School Pictures
  • September 16th Staff Meeting -- 3:00-4:00 in Library
  • September 17th CMIT Meetings -- Conference Room
  • September 23rd PLC Meetings
  • September 24th CMIT Meetings (additional if needed) -- Conference Room
  • September 25th Progress Reports go Home -- all students grades 3-5
  • September 25th Sunshine Celebration in Teachers Lounge
  • October 1st Nurse Jill Returns
  • October 1st Launch for PTA Big Kahuna Fundraiser
  • October 5th Monday Morning Assembly
  • October 6th Plano Fire Rescue Clowns K-2 -- 1:30 p.m. in Gym
  • October 6th Dining for Dollars -- Chik-fil-A on Coit between Spring Creek and Legacy
  • October 8th PTA Coffee with the Counselor -- 9:00 a.m.
I'm a Teacher: An Educator's Anthem

Thought For The Week

"We make a living by what we get; we make a life by what we give."

~Winston Churchill