The Rise of HITLER!!

By Caleb Burwell Miller Period 6 MWH

A Seemingly normal man

Born in April 1889, Hitlers parents Alois Hitler and Klara Polzl. Hitler was born Austria Hungarian But at the age of three he moved to Germany. Hitler fought frequently with his father Alois probably because his father wanted him to be civil servant while he wanted to pursue art following the death of his brother in 1900 Hitler became mildly distant and vague and after the death of his father in 1903 Hitler was happy to pursue his art in Vienna. At an early age Hitler became very nationalist about Germany

Hitler The ARTIST!!!

After the death of his father Hitler Moved to Vienna to go to The Academy of Fine Art and become a respected artist . Crazy right the future dictator was an artist !!. After getting rejected TWICE (some believe because Hitler Drew and Painted Buildings rather than people) Hitler became lost having no job no future no dream he became a little lost.
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World War One

Some Believe During this near 7 year period Hitler became more anti Semitic Views but this is not confirmed

At the beginning of World War One Hitlers "German" Nationalism made him volunteer immediately. his career in the military was decent He earned Iron Class First Class and Black Wound Badge. After World War One Hitler was astonished at Germany being defeated. Once again without a goal Hitler became Interested in "Saving" Germany from the world.

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Following the end of world war one Hitler became Interested in politics. Hitler worked for the government as an intelligence officer. In that time Hitler was monitoring the German Workers Party. After taking in a lot of the anti -Semitic beliefs Hitler Joined the party and in a few years he became the leader in 1921 Hitler also Changed the Name to German Nationalists workers party and designed the future Nazi symbol for it.

Beer Hall Putsch

In 1923 Hitler tried to usurp the government and in the process twenty people died and he was charged with treason. Astonishingly only served one year in prison during that time he wrote his auto biography By 1932 Hitler was a powerful political leader becoming chairmen of the country with a 35 % majority while he came in second to Paul Von Hindenburg who promoted Hitler to chairmen for his own political appearance.
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