Geothermal Energy

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The Basics (How It Works)

Geothermal Energy works by heat deep inside the earth. Geothermal Energy powers geysers and even volcanos. Geothermal Energy gives houses and offices cool and warm air. 10 feet under us is about 54 degrees F. So they bury a loop of pipes called a heat exchanger. So you put water into the pipes. Here's how it works. The water goes from the ground and into the house. And in the summer under the surface the ground is cooler so you get cool air in the houses and in the winter it does the exact opposite.

Where it is found in USA

Geothermal Energy is found in the following states. It is used in Alaska, Texas, Idaho, California, New Mexico, Utah, Nevada, Hawaii, Arizona, Oregon, North Dakota, Wyoming, and Colorado. Those were 13 states that Geothermal Energy is used in. But it seems to be getting more popular.
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How much energy does Geothermal use

In 2012 Geothermal energy in the US produced a record of about 16.792 million

megawatt-hour. It beat the previous record of 16.789 from 1993. But in 2012 it produced 3,386 megawatts more.

here is a chart

State amount (MW) U.S total

California | 2,732.280.7%

Nevada | 517.515.3%

Utah | 48.11.4%

Hawaii | 38.01.1%

Oregon |33.31.0%

Idaho |15.80.5%

New Mexico| [14] 4.00.1%

Alaska |0.7<0.1%

Wyoming | 0.3<0.1%

Total 3,389.9100%

The Advantages

The advantages are:

1) You can get warm air in the winter

2) Save money on your heating bill

3) Get cool air in summer

4) Save money on Air Conditioning

5) Natural Heat


The disadvantages are:

1) Not a wide spread source

2) Very expensive to install

3) Can run out of steam

4) May have harmful gases

5) Not easy to transport


One fact is it was home grown in the UK. Another fact is its electricity not only heat. Another fact is It is still affordable. Last it has very workable to have heat pumps put in.