keep calm and be more kind

cyber bulling is..........

cyber bulling is just what it sounds like -bulling through internet applications and technologies such as instant messaging, social networking sites, and sell phones. people can get bullied through snap chat, face book, twitter, instagram and more. when people post pictures make sure that if you comment only be positive and if its not don't write it at all.if theres someone that you don't like don't bully them you don't have to love them but don't hate way i think that could be helpful to bullys is maybe we can all make a paper with our favorite thing on it and then write something that is a character trait about you.another idea is to make new friends.and last but not least i would like to say that we should all write a fault character trait about ourselves so we know that we are not alone.if we start doing these great ideas then we will have a change in our school.
Cyber bullying video [school project]
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