Conflict in Northern Ireland

By: Kailey, Laura, and Devin

How the Conflict Started

  • The Protestant community in Northern Ireland wanted to remain part of the United Kingdom. Although the Catholic community believed they should leave the UK and become part of the Republic of Ireland.
  • The Catholic minority in the North suffered from discrimination over housing and jobs.
  • The roots of the conflict can be traced back to the 16th and 17th centuries when there were 3 main churches in Ireland, Catholic, Church of Ireland, and Presbyterian. There was always conflict as to which church had salvation and which church God favored.

Northern Ireland - The Troubles

Major Events in Ireland of Conflict

  • Most of the Irish people were Catholics, and the English people were protestants.
  • This is part of the reason Ireland is not with the UK.
  • Before independence there were loyalists and separatists.
  • Their conflict lead to a civil war between these countries.
  • This tragedy killed 3000 people.
  • There were riots in Belfast and Londonderry.
  • These were known as "The Troubles".
  • The peace process ended the horrible conflict on religion.
  • This conflict has been going on since 1200's.
  • There was thing thing called the "pale" when England controlled Dublin for a period of time.
  • The "Flight of the Earls" when Ireland finally gave up and the people moved across Spain and other parts of Europe.


  • 3,400 to 4,000 people were killed in “The Troubles”.
  • People who were 29 and under accounted for more than half of the deaths.
  • Civilians went through military checks, bomb searches, and urban military combat during the conflict. Military came from other countries and constant war was in their neighborhoods.
  • Northern Ireland has a 2 to 5 times higher rate of unemployment compared to the rest of the UK. Catholic unemployment is higher than Protestant unemployment.
  • The mental health of the population of Northern Ireland has been affected by “The Troubles”. There is a high level of unhappiness and psychological distress in Northern Ireland. Suicide is an increasing problem among the younger people.


  • The Anglo-Irish Agreement, signed in November 1985, confirmed that Northern Ireland would remain independent as long as it was the will of the people.
  • Although after The Anglo-Irish agreement was signed, there was still conflict and they reached a final agreement in 1998 called the Good Friday agreement which set out a plan for peace

Essential Question

How would Northern Ireland be different if "The Troubles" hadn't happened?