Self-Development Workshops

Personal Growth, Inspiration, & Fun from Bruce Hersey

Workshops for late 2013 & 2014 will be announced this summer!

Check this page for updates around July.

What are Self-Development Workshops?

Bruce leads Self-Development Workshops at Heartspace Wellness Alliance in Altoona. Self-Development Workshops are for people interested in increased self-awareness, personal development, growth and healing. They are small group (6-15) experiences designed to be fun, interactive, informative, and personally meaningful. Inner Parts Work (IFS) and Drama Therapy methods are woven into the fabric of these dynamic experiential activities. Bruce recently changed the format of these popular programs to make them accessible to more people by making them like half-day retreats and reducing the registration to $50 a person. Each program will be offered twice: on a weekday afternoon, and also on a Saturday morning. Due to differences in group composition and a high degree of spontaneity, the same program can be very different each time it is taken, so even if you have attended a program once, it can be stimulating and productive to repeat it.

Registration and Cost

$50 per person, pre-registration required. Register Online

Bruce's Self-Development Workshops can qualify, in part, as a group therapy session which can be billed to your health insurance if it is one that Bruce works with such as Highmark or UPMC. You would only need to pay your usual copay, if there is one, plus any remainder of the workshop fee (typically $10). Contact Bruce to discuss this.

Meet Your Shadow

Meet your shadow parts, welcome them into the light, learn their stories, and discover their gifts.

TBA ....see more info at Meet Your Shadow

Taming Your Inner Critic

Learn the origins and intentions of your inner critic. You may not realize it has a positive intention. Help it find a more reasonable and appropriate role in your internal system.

TBA ....see more info at Inner Critic


Understand where your personal boundaries are and what you need to do to adjust them for your current best interests. Are you letting in what you don't want, or keeping out what you do want from others?

TBA ....see more info at Boundaries

Inner Parts Work: IFS Made Easy

Experiential plunge into the Internal Family Systems way of understanding your inner family of parts. Learn how your parts can get in the way of what you really want. Find out what they are really trying to do for you.

TBA ....see more info at Inner Parts Work

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