A Boy And His Dog

Meet Owen Hopkins And Haatchi

Meet Owen

Eight-year-old Owen Hopkins has Schwartz-Jamel syndrome, which causes his muscles to be permanently tense. It's a painful condition, and when Owen grew old enough to be aware of his disability he became afraid to go outside. Then came Haatchi.

The Dog Is The Man's Best Friend

Haatchi, an Anatolian Shepherd, was struck by a train in 2012 and lost one of his legs. He was then adopted by Owen's family, and when dog met boy it was love at first sight. With Haatchi, Owen isn't afraid to go outside anymore and even meets new people.

After watching the film about them, you'll want to be their friend, too. (The video is in the bottom of the page)

Owen thinks positive

Maybe living life like Owen's it's difficult, but Owen tries to spend the most of the time with his friends and family, especially with Haatchi. This dog changed Owen's life, for good.
A Boy and His Dog

Name : Roni Grosman