What you need to know about the common toe condition

What are Bunions?

Bunions are bony bumps that appear on the base joint of the big toe.

How do Bunions form?

Bunions develop because the pressures of shifting your weight fall unevenly on joints and tendons in your feet.

Some pictures of Bunions.

How do Bunions affect the skeletal system?

The joints in toes is what becomes most affected by Bunions.

How are bunions treated? Can they be prevented?

Wearing roomy shoes with bunions inserts help with the ease of bunions, as well as surgery which can completely remove them. Doing these types of things can also help you not form bunions at all.

Are bunions common?

Yes. There are more than three million yearly cases of bunions in the US alone, so you're not alone in the fight against bunions!