The Scottsboro Trail



In 1931 there where nine African american young boys on a train between 12 and 17 trying to fine jobs. They where all hobos. They got in a fight with a few white boys. So the train stopped in the nearest town, Scottsboro, Alabama. The police was outside the train to see what was going on. So when the train stopped the white boys came off and then the nine African american boys cam off then two girls named Ruby bates, and Victoria price. When they got off they screamed rape. They said that the nine African american boys did it. So the police took them straight to the jail.

What really happened

One of the girls that said rape said later on during the case that the rape did't happen. The only reason why they said that because they where associating with black boys and you could be brought up to federal charges. The doctors said that there was no evidence of rape but he did not testify. Bates was more quiet about what happened on the train. She let price do all the talking and listen so bates could have the exact same story.


Ruby Bates testified in Haywood Patterson's trail (one of the nine boys) that they was really never a rape, and the sexual activity evidence was from her and price's boyfriend the night before. Haywood Patterson tried for freedom in January 1936. He received a sentence of 25 years in prison. July 12 Clarence Norris began his 3rd trail, sentenced with death. Andrew wright was convicted on July 22 sentenced of 99 years in jail. Charles Weems received a 75 year sentence. The state of Alabama dropped charges and announced the freedom Olen Montgomery, Ozie Powell when pled guilty to assault and received 20 years in jail.
The Scottsboro Boys Trials Part 1 Way before the Civil Rights Movement 1931 to 1937.avi

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