Grade 1 Newsletter 1st-5th Dec 2014

SJI International Elementary, Singapore

International Primary Curriculum

In our 'Let’s Celebrate’ unit of work this week, some classes have been completing their celebration calendar research and creating their individual celebration timelines. The children were able to record some details about what they recall from these celebrations and through the superb parent presentations, our children are being to be able to compare and contrast different celebrations from around the world. Great team effort and thank you mums and dads!

This week we have begun to think about the Grade 1 party that we will be planning and making in the New Year as part of our Technology goal! All Grade 1 gathered together to decide which class will do which job. We did a hat draw to decide!

Here is what each class will be responsible for organising…

Grade 1 Amc Food and Invitations

Grade 1 CNe Costumes and Decorations

Grade 1 JWo Music and Games

All teachers will liaise with their reps in due course to help us get prepared.

Language Arts

This week, we have been learning about the double consonant "ss" and “zz” and how we have to listen carefully to be able to tell when it is an s or a z. We also learned about verbs and how they are action words.

Our C.A.F.E. strategy this week is not new to us. We are reviewing cross checking. We even learned a song to help us remember to cross check.

Our Cross-Checking Song

(Tune: Do Your Ears Hang Low)

I am stuck on a word

but I know just what to do

I will look at the letters

and then at the picture, too.

Does the word that I think it is

make a lot of sense?

This is called cross-check!

We are still doing functional writing in Writer’s Workshop. Our letters this week have been to a few characters from the Jolly Christmas Postman book by Allan Ahlberg. We have also written to Santa asking interesting questions like “how do you get around the whole world in one day” and “where do the elves that work in your workshop come from”.



Grade Ones have been learning to compare lengths of two objects both directly (by comparing them with each other) and indirectly (by comparing both with a third object), and order several objects according to length. We exercised our spatial awareness by recognising vertical length as height while learning to compare the length and height of objects in the classroom and the real world.

Grade Ones also learned to measure length with the basic idea of determining how many times a specific unit fits the object to be measured. We used non standard units like unifix cubes, teddy bears, hand spans, foot, yarn and paper clips to measure length. Measuring by laying multiple copies of a unit end to end and then counting the units by using groups of tens and ones support their understanding of number relationships.

When measuring height and length of objects, Grade Ones learned to use comparative and superlative vocabulary e.g. -er ending means more, -est ending means most.

Gentle Beasts Christmas Nativity

Thank you to all our parents helpers who came to help during the dress rehearsal as well as on the day of our performance. Thank you to all our parents who came to watch the performance too. We hope you enjoyed the Nativity!

The Grade One teachers were so proud of our Grade Ones for their amazing confidence, enthusiasm and excellence when performing the Christmas story from the point of view of the gentle beasts!

Well done Grade Ones!!

Collaborative Art with Grade 1

The art room has been very busy over the past two weeks as students worked on one of 12 collaborative art pieces. These artworks are the images on an SJI calendar AND the artworks will be placed on a website which will allow you to order cards, luggage tags, prints and canvasses of your chosen artwork. Next week’s newsletter will contain a link to the grade level artwork on the Meerkat website where orders can be made. Meanwhile, enjoy the artwork completed by Grade 1!

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