Red Ribbon Week

where we make healthy decisions & say no to drugs!

Red Ribbon Week Oct 27-31

Oct 27th- Serious Day- students wear casual business attire. Students will hear the history of Red Ribbon Week and the seriousness of drugs

Oct 28th- Sports day- We are kicking drugs out of school so students wear their sports gear or jersey. Mrs. Kate will be the guest speaker leading students in songs about being drug free

Oct 29th- Pajama Day- We are putting drugs to bed! Students will wear pajamas and create posters for the Red Ribbon March later in the week.

Oct 30th- Future Day. Our future's are so bright, no drugs are in sight! Students will dress for what they want to be when they grow up and will continue to make the Red Ribbon posters.

Oct 31- Red Ribbon March. Students will wear red and at 2:00pm we will march around our school telling our community that we are drug free! Parents are welcome :)