By Ayla Hicks

Water's Functions

Water is a very important nutrient because it has many functions. Including regulating temperature, transporting vitamins and minerals,distributs other nutrients to cells in the body and also helps with waste removal. Also we couldn't survive without water and witout water we wouldn't have most of our food which also means we wouldn't have most our nutrients that our body needs.


Examples of water would just be water. Nothing's better than an ice cold water!

Reasons why Water is the Most Essential

Water is the most essential nutrient because without water, we wouldn't have basic life. Our plants wouldn't grow, our animals we be dehydrated and so would we. Scientists say that about 60% of our body is water and we must continously replenish it. Without water our bodies wouldn't get our other essential nutrients, water helps in our break down of food, and mainly because water is the center of life.