HEI Impacts on The Coral Reef

Brit Marwood 3rd Period

Runoff in Australia

There is a huge problem in Australia. Their Coral reefs are being destroyed, but some people don't know why. The answer is runoff. Anything that falls into the rivers, and streams that lead to the ocean cause massive pollution. Seen in the pictures below what this runoff does to the Coral Reefs of Australia. The runoff mostly consist of dirt, fertilizer from farms, and even wood sometimes. This is an ongoing problem that needs to end. If it doesn't the Coral Reefs could be completely destroyed. If this doesn't stop what's to say all coral reefs on the planet will be destroyed. The way things are in Australia need to change.

Pollution of The Coral Reef

The Coral Reef has become more, and more polluted over time, but now it has become a major issue. A lot of marine life has either had to leave the area or they've died. Even if they leave in time they might not find a new home and get eaten by predators. Without a home many species of marine life might become extinct. Runoff is one of the main reasons for this destructiveness. If the Coral reef does go away, let this be a lesson to the world.


1. What is one of the main sources for pollution in The Coral Reefs?

2. What are some possible outcomes for the marine life in the Coral Reefs?