William Shakespeare

By: Drew Riddell

Actor, Poet, and Playwright

"William shakespeare was a famous English playwright during the Renaissance." William had written nearly 40 plays including "Romeo and Juliet, Julius Caesar, and All's Well That End Well." William not only was a playwright, he also was an actor and famous poet throughout England and Europe! William shakespeare often wrote sonnets and other Great poems like "Venus and Adonis" and "The Rape of Lucrece."

The Beginning

Shakespeare was born in Stratford-Upon-Avon. He later moved to London after he was married to Anne Hathaway where he began to write and act!

New Techniques

During his life, William shakespeare improved upon the technique of different genres of plays and poems. All his plays were written in blank verse which means they did not contain rhymes. He also used lines with 5 stressed syllables in it.