The Devil in the White city

by Eric Larson . flyer done by jake chevalier

"White city"

The white city is referring to Chicago back in the late 1870's it was going to be the world greatest fair to show respect towards Columbus finding the Americas.

American lit

I think the reason why people like this book is because of the horror and the darker side of when America was coming up as a nation. It just showed you how fast the populations at that time just sky rocketed. The crime rate shot up just as fast police were over whelmed with all the crimes. People were killed everyday and no one could find the killers. Readers can get a better feel for what America. H.H holmes was the first serial killer in america learning about his life. The reader can see why he was a sick twisted man. Americans are always interested in murder and serial killers. we have lots of tv shows and murder like CSI, Bones, cops and other shows. Its really strange that people take intrest to killing and he darker side of what america was really like it wasn't gold covered roads. it was a dirty tough time where people were poor and would steal or kill you for anything . This has been part of America's history with stealing and killing its not as frequent but there is still a lot of death and crime going on in the USA.

views of the book

In this book there are all different types of view it gives you the view of the builders, everyday people, the cops, and the killers. The story goes into lots of details about how when the world fair started and that made Chicago one of the top cities in that time. The different views help understand what all went on during that time and its not just a one sided story. It was slow at first getting the details about how the fair was made and how it started into a mad house of crime and population boom.