Digital Citizenship Project

Gabrielle M. Period 5

What is Digital Citizenship?

Digital Citizenship is the rules you have to follow to be kind and safe online. To be kind online use digital etiquette or be nice online. Make sure you don't get involved in any cyberbullying because you could get in a lot of trouble for cyberbullying or being involved with it. Also don't give out personal information like your email, name, or phone number on social media or any other websites. That is what digital citizenship is.


Rule 1: Digital Etiquette

Be nice online. If you're trying to be funny and you send something like you stink people can misinterpret what you're saying and get there feelings hurt.

Rule 2: Information Privacy

Don't Share Personal Information. Giving out personal information like your name, email, or address can cause you to get a lot of emails with videos you don't want to watch or things you don't want to buy.

Rule 3: Social Networking

Be Careful Who You Talk To. Just talk to the people you know, so if someone you don't know tries to talk to you just ignore them.

Rule 4: Online Saftey

Be Careful Who Your friends With. People that your friends with online could not be who you think they are because you only know what they put on their profile page, so be careful what you say to them.

Rule 5: Cyberbullying

Think Before You Post. Cyberbullying can be someone trying to impersonate you, sending mean things to you, or even posting an embarrassing picture or comment about you . Sometimes bullies do it to make them feel better, but some people don't think of the other people that their sending it to.

Rule 6: Plagiarism

Don't Use Others Work. Plagiarism is like stealing something from someone. In college or high school you could get R.S.V.P.ed or re due it. If you copy something or use keywords from somewhere it's plagiarism, but if you use quotation marks and cite where you got it it isn't plagiarism.

Rule 7: Copyright:

Protection For Your Work. Copyright is the right that people have to keep their work safe from being copied. Although you can give permission to people to copy them and copy it yourself.

Digital Citizenships Importance

Digital Citizenship is important because it makes sure that your kind and safe online. If there wasn't digital citizenship people would get cyber bullied, flamed (Sending rude or mean messages) more often, nobody would be safe online, and people would copy or plagiarise others work. It keeps people's personal information safe too and makes sure people behave correctly online. That is the importance of digital citizenship.