by: Kelsey Neal & Danielle Palao


  • To sum it up basically it is the medieval social system
  • They were grouped from political and military customs
  • It was used in many parts of Europe
  • It developed by land being given to vassals for military service.
  • Vassals were characters that varied from place to place.
  • Fiefs described such relationships, like between lords and vassals.
  • Knights were the Lord's defenders.
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Essential Question

How do invasions affect a society?


The best way to answer this is yes the main point is that when the barbarian's invaded Europe. It united Europe, lead to crusades, and lead to more Christian convert.

Feudal States

They emerged because of countries that began to take the characteristics of feudalism. Charlemagne, who was crowned in 800, was their ruler. The Carolinginian Empire was at it's height under his rule. As the Holy Roman Emperor, he gained power through his supporters. The Franks were a Germanic kingdom of the 9th century. The Feudal Contract stated that feudalism owed much character to oaths sworn by Germanic warriors to their chief.

Feudalism and Western Europe

Feudalism restored order to Western Europe because of Manorialism. Manorialism is a common economic system of Midievel Europe that describes the relations from peasants and surfs to the Manor. The Manor is the head over the peasants and surfs.

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