Read. Write. Science!

from the desk of Jodi Wheeler-Toppen

Three Great Things to Know:

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NEW Assembly Program: Explain This!

I'm launching a new assembly this year (in addition to Try This!, which I will continue to offer). Explain This! will feature some unsolved science puzzles and clues to their solution. Students will practice science writing in the assembly and in a take-back-to-the-classroom assignment.

Middle and High School Staff Development

The integration of reading, writing, and science is my research area and the focus of my dissertation at UGA. I help teachers use literacy to support their science instruction, and vice versa. I also address scientific argumentation (making claims and supporting them with evidence).

Elementary Staff Development

I work with teachers on specific science areas that they struggle to teach, and demonstrate ways to integrate reading/ writing instruction with science. This year, for Georgia educators, I'm adding a workshop on helping students with the writing portion of the Georgia Milestones.

Coming in May (finally!): Once upon an EARTH science book: 12 interdisciplinary activities to create confident readers

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