Musician & Singer

Brings Detication, Cofidence, And Competition.

Attention Getter:

~Being a singer requiers many attrubtes. I will be reserching the salery, training and skills and the everyday life of being a singer.


~Singers have the capability in singing as a solo or as a group, whatever one the pick to make the more successful. They are oftentimes accompanied by instrumental music.

~Skills & Training.~

~ Some of the skills you will need are:
  • Physical Skills:

~Tracheal Tree.


~ Pharynx.

~ Oral Cavity.

~ Nasal Cavity.

~ Sinuses.

  • Emotional Skills:
~ you have to be able to talk to your vocal coach on the type of songs you enjoy singing and wan your fans understand the story behind the song.


  • The Salery for a singer is:
  • SALERY: $12,431-99,738.
  • BONUS: $0.00-$10,119.
  • PROFIT SHARING: $1,017-$9,826.
  • COMMISION: $4,597-$10,174.
  • TOTAL PAY: $16,643-$178,288.

~ Everyday Life.~

~ A singer is someone who vocalizes musical sounds with tone and pitch, and uses his or her own voice to produce music. Singers may sing solo or in a group, and are oftentimes accompanied by instrumental music.