Andrew Jackson

The Hero

No More National Bank

I think that the National Bank was as terrible thing and that if Jackson wasn't the one to shut it down someone else would have. It only supported the wealthy people and once the bank was shut down there were more and more banks built all over the nation that everyone could use.


President Jackson was extremely involved with what his people had to say. He was a common man so he had plenty of fans to help him win his presidential place in office the second time around. He encouraged the Spoils System which got more people into politics. It also provided jobs for the men that didn't have or didn't like their current one.

Saving North Carolina

North Carolina, just like the rest of the southern states, was mad about the tariff situations happening. They decided to try and secede from the US, but President Jackson wasn't going to let that happen. After a long argument and Jackson threatening to use the Army agents South Carolina, Jackson signed a Tariff Compromise in 1833 that helped mollify the sectional differences at that time.

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