Oh Political Correctness!

or, "The Media Controls Morality"

Anybody can be virtuous now. You carry at least half your morality about in a bottle. Christianity without tears--that's what soma is.

Here, we have Mustapha Mond, world controller, speaking to John Savage about why there is not a need for God, near the end of the book. They have replaced God in World State; replaced him with soma. It pushes an almost-blank, "approved" mindset, and makes it easy for control to be taken. Here, in reality, we do not have soma. Nor do we use another drug in its place. Instead, we have "political correctness." The socially-acceptable media-approved language used to make sure that we don't say anything which other people decided was "offensive" material. We must be politically correct, because it's the government and media's replacement of morals. Hard to believe? Well, what if your religious views don't agree with something which is socially acceptable? Then you can't talk about it. It's suddenly offensive. It is a form of control, similar to the soma used in the book.

Political Correctness is Choking Religion

What does it mean to be politically correct? Google defines political correctness as "the avoidance, often considered as taken to extremes, of forms of expression or action that are perceived to exclude, marginalize, or insult groups of people who are socially disadvantaged or discriminated against." But it is not just minorities who we now include in this. If you say anything which might be taken offensively by a group or party, it seems to be "politically incorrect". This requirement, this social mandate, seems to be slowly making religious views unacceptable. In short, political correctness is slowly squeezing out religion, and taking its place.

The road to Hell, it is said, is paved with good intentions. It started off beneficially; people changed their minds on slavery. Women were allowed to vote. Mormons decided that God changed his mind, and suddenly loved even non-Caucasians instead of condemning them. Then there were larger jumps. Atheism became popular. The media decided to champion the LGTB community. Things which had been fine to say were no longer considered such, and things which were previously taboo became casual. In the last Winter Olympics, a reporter said, “African American African,” because she did not want to say “black”. When the athlete was told about it later he was confused. “African American?” he asked. He said he was only African. He had never been to America before. What was wrong with “black” or “African”?

The answer, is that those words are not used anymore. Someone deemed them to be offensive, and made new words to make everyone feel like they would not be judged, and feel accepted. Oriental is now Asian American. We have African Americans, Native Americans (no more Indians for us), Middle Eastern Americans, Latin Americans, and more. Also, we have an LGTB community instead of the Gay community; there are more than just gay people, so we have to make everyone feel included. There seems to be more genders one can claim than days in any given month, and words like “tranny” are now morally unacceptable. We have to accept everyone, and make sure nobody gets their feelings hurt. We have to be politically correct.

But what about religion? Mine says that being gay is wrong, and his says that women should cover their faces in public. Hers says not to eat bacon, and most of them say that the world was created by God or multiple gods. But the media, which is in charge of creating public opinion so that everyone can take a side without actually thinking, decided what was right and wrong for us. Their morals became social acceptance, and we were told to adopt those morals or be seen as offensive. As wrong. As someone in need of correction for violating a social standard; not politically correct. Having a God that says that the replaced morals are wrong is not to be tolerated. We don’t need His morals any longer. Social standards of the media are the future. Deal with it.

Black Sabbath-God Is Dead? Lyrics

Now how the heck does that relate?

In this song, "God is Dead?", Black Sabbath speaks of a world in which it seems that God is gone; unreachable. Everyone is a sinner, and nobody can be found who is not guilty. He is searching; searching for an answer to the question, "Is God dead?" Throughout the song, he speaks of how the world is pretty much falling apart, and breaking down into people who have taking control and cannot be trusted. "Who do you trust when corruption and lust, creed of all the unjust, / leaves you empty and un-whole?"

This is paralleled by Brave New World in the character of John Savage. In the book, he is wrenched away from a society where there is God, and pain, and an adherence to moral standards. He is thrown headfirst into a storm of sorts; a world he cannot escape of people who are taught to be indifferent, drugged, and told to lust because it blinds them from wanting more out of life, and keeps them in control. They are evil and corrupted and John sees it; he tries to bring God with him, but finds out that God has been replaced. "God in the safe, and Ford on the shelves," says World Controller Mond.(231)

Both Ozzy and John are looking for where God went. John leaves civilization, claiming that it is an illness and chooses to live by himself until he can no longer escape the world, so he hangs himself. Ozzy, in "God is Dead?" says that "To safeguard my philosophy / Until my dying breath / I transfer from reality / into a living dead" meaning that he refutes the reality he lives in in order to escape from the insanity of the world, similar to John attempting to escape from World State.

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GMOs Still Need Some Work

Genetically Modified Organisms (GMOs) are a controversial topic. They have the possibility to be of great use, but also to do great harm. Imagine if you could create a strain of rice which, when you ate one meal's worth, would give you all the vitamins and protein which you needed for the day, and keep you feeling full and satisfied for almost a full day. Sounds great, right? But what if the same rice was also doing something which was going unnoticed; something harmful? What if that rice was also beginning to give your cells a push towards cancer? And if that rice was beginning to shrink your brain, and make you more prone to getting sick by damaging your immune system? The current research says that your average GMO could be doing both; helping, and hurting.

We mess with genetics in small ways all the time. We choose which plants breed, giving us sweet apples which are more brightly colored, watermelons which have fewer seeds, and other crops which we have bred to have more appealing genetics. But now, we are beginning to mess with God's design even further; we are beginning to alter the genes inside of plants to produce vitamins and chemicals and other things which we think of as useful, and make the plants more resistant to the elements.

What they are not telling you, is that as they make these "improvements" they may be hurting you. Dr. Arpad Pusztai did some research with genetically modified potatoes and some regular rats to see if the rats would have any adverse effects upon eating the potatoes. The rats "showed pre-cancerous cell growths, smaller brains, livers, and testicles, partially atrophied livers, and damage to the immune system," most of which started to appear within 10 days. The potatoes were like a disease. There is a possibility that other GMOs are going to be doing similar things to us as humans as we ingest the altered plants which we are being sold. We need to do more research and put restrictions on the process before it's too late. We need to make sure that GMOs will not end up hurting us all.

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