By: Nate J Maxwell

An Athletic Trainer's Top 5 Tasks

  1. An Athletic Trainer determines if an athlete is healthy enough to play
  2. Recommends special diets
  3. Helps keep athletes healthy
  4. Teaches people how to use athletic equipment
  5. Consults with doctors on if you are healthy enough to play

5 Working Conditions

  1. Works with medical equipment
  2. Works indoors and outdoors
  3. Be able to walk and run
  4. Be able to kneel, stoop and crawl
  5. Works 40 - 50 times a year

Degree Certification

You need to have a Bachelors Degree and a Doctoral Degree

You need to have taken an at-anomy class, physiology class and nutrition class

Other qualifications: You need good communication skills

Yearly Salary

State: Arkansas

Hourly rang: $0 - $0

Yearly rang: $18,890 - $73,450