Social-Emotional Develpopement

Birth to AGE 2


  • irritable
  • frustrated
  • upset
  • angry
  • fussy
  • may cry for long periods of time.


clings to:

  • mother
  • father
  • caretaker
  • siblings
  • separation anxiety: baby cries if away from a familar face.

Changes Over Time

Changes In Time

-birth to month 3-

  • do not have refined emotions
  • cries when in distress
  • no tears when the baby cries
-Three To Six Months-

  • may respond with smiles and laughter
  • tears begin to form when crying
  • has different cries for emotions
-Six To Twelve-

  • become actively involved with caretakers
  • makes sounds in response to speech
  • may cry or show anger when left alone
  • separation anxiety shows
-Twelve To Twenty-Four Months-

  • they are scared of the future
  • anxiety
  • fears the unfamiliar
  • takes interesting other children
  • interested in exploring
  • becomes aware of their abilities
  • gets frustrated easily
  • you need to help them understand rules