District Technology Committee Mtg.

December 10, 2014

About the Technology Department

The technology department operates on a zero budget. Randy Williams gets tech needs assessments from each campus to take to the board and request funds.

Federal funds are used annually for the Microsoft Agreement (powering our email and office documents as well as storage in the cloud for both students and staff). Students get up to a terabyte of storage.

E-rate funds from the government is how we are paying for 90% of our wireless. It has also funded a large portion of our bandwidth and telephone services. In the next few years funds for telephone services will decrease and eliminate cell phones and cell phone data services to the district. The district will increase focus on increasing bandwidth and wireless services...the goal being a wireless hotspot in every regular classroom and more wireless hotspots in larger spaces like libraries depending on space.

  • (update 12-10-14) Bandwidth was increased to 250 megs for the entire district. The goal is to double this to 500 megs next year.
  • (update 12-10-14) campus administrator need to be aware/remember that projectors are starting to see their end of life and make plans to replace them with campus funds. The district purchased them with ARRA funds as a one-time purchase.
  • (update 12-10-14) if teachers have an issue they should be submitting work orders. The technology department can't solve issues if they don't know a problem exists.

If campuses have technology needs, these should be passed on to the campus' District Technology Committee Rep (Librarian) or their principal in a needs assessment who can then forward this to Randy Williams. Note: Campuses are responsible for purchasing replacement equipment (i.e. projectors) after warranties expire. Anyone wanting to view the District's Technology Plan can view it online at the Technology Department's page under Documents. We are on year 2 of a 3 year plan. Suggestions and changes for the next plan will be examined at the December meeting.

Future projects

For families:

The district is looking into offering Microsoft office to our VISD parents. They would be able to put the software on up to 5 computers/machines.

For staff:

Teachers may be able to purchase an iPad or tablet through the district through payroll deductions over the course of 3 months. This would be personal property not district property.

Randy was handed the above information the day of our meeting so details have not yet been worked out. More details will come when these programs are closer to being ready to roll out.