it IS a small world after all



-free enterprise


-greenhouse effect


-Workplace innovations - things like better assembly techniques, faster technology and workplace analysis lead to better manufacturing.

-Enterprise - more countries had the ability to make, create, produce stuff, leading to competition and cheaper prices, and more goods.

-Problems lead to solutions - medical things like HIV drugs, cancer treatments, and cholesterol medicines.

-Computers!!! Because of computers, we have internet, apps, communication, e-commerce, and more.

Small Group Teaching

You are going to break into small groups (evenly split, only one group per topic). In your groups, you will teach about one of the categories - Coach U's class - break into groups and divy up the topics yourselves. Make sure there are five groups and each group has one of the 5 topics.

You need to describe the effect of globalization (others using our things, us using other's things). You should also include the effect of sharing these cultural things.

-fashion, food, music, film, television