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We Have Google Cardboard!

It's been showing up in the news more and more lately as the newest trend in virtual reality technology. Running off of a free app on your phone, Google Cardboard is basically an updated Viewmaster (remember those?) except these actually allow you to look in all directions and even walk around! All that you need to use it is the Google Cardboard, which acts as a lens to view the app while your phone sits in a "pocket" in the front of the viewer.

It's a fun, immersive experience if you don't currently have the classroom budget to take your class to Paris or on a scuba adventure to view the Great Barrier Reef! Email me if you'd like a demo and I'd be glad to show it to you. We currently have two you can borrow but they're not expensive if you'd like to have some for your class (usually between $15-$30, but, remember, you need to have a smart phone available).

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The Virtual Field Trip

While the Cardboard VR Viewer is using Google's worldwide map system, Google's Streetview will allow you to project almost any location in the world in your classroom. There are plenty of detail "tours" available but one of the best collection of them is hosted on the Google Cultural Institute. You can find many high-resolution photos of historical sites/events and artwork, but many museums and tours of historical sites and landmarks are listed there as well.

Here's a direct link to browse through only their Streetview offerings. If you've never browsed through the rest of the Google Cultural Institute, it is full of useful resources.

Other Virtual Tours

There are a lot of 360 virtual tours available online that allow you to fully present a lesson as if you are all standing on location. Googling "virtual tours" or "virtual field trip" will yield many results to browse through. Below are a few popular ones:

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