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BHAG (Big Hairy Ass Goal) for Heart Of Leadership STAR Team

Hi Ladies!!!

When Danielle was here, she talked about setting big goals and sharing them with your team. I haven't wanted to share my big goal for fear of missing it or having anyone feel pressured by it. That said, we are SOOOOO close that I figured it was about time to put it out there!

I want to be a Heart of Leadership Star by Hoopla. What does this mean? It means I achieve my pay rank of Star Stylist for 4 months in row. I've already got March, April & May under my belt, so I just have to make it happen June!

What does this mean for our team? I will get executive level training that I can bring back and share with you during coaching! We will be one of only 2 HOL Star teams in Atlantic Canada (Sarah Spurell's Team is the other - totally crazy!)

Incentive time!

I wont lie, we are close, but not close enough. We have $11,000 in sales to go before the end of the month. My plan is to carry half the volume ($5500) by hosting 5 shows (I only have 3) and hustling for outside orders with Engravables & Dot Dollars.

SOOOOO....every order & every show will count this month. That said, I do not want anyone to feel like they have to participate. This is your business to run how and when you want to :)

PLUS - for those of you that want your consistency bonus, you will need to be qualified in June for that $100 bonus. PLUS, don't forget about selling $2000 between April-June to qualify for your $99 product credit coupon.

Having said that, I want to reward you for your efforts. Here's how it will breakdown for rewards

First Prize - $75 gift card to a store or restaurant of choice
Second Price - $50 in business supply credits
Third Prize - new pair of studs from the fall line

Everyone that qualifies will also get a $5 Starbucks card as a special thank you for just being you!

To get ballots
3 for every $500 show
5 for every $1000 show
1 for every outside order
2 for every outside order over $150

How to Sell in June

1) Book an on-line show - With all the items on sale why not open a mystery hostess trunk show and post the link on facebook? Anyone that places an order will get entered into a draw for the hostess rewards! Of course, this all means commissions and business supply credits for you!

2) Book office shows - they take very little time and as Rebecca found out last year, they can be very lucrative (hers was $2000).

3) Engravables - These are getting TONS of attention from my customers already. I have set a goal to sell 10 this month just by reach out to clients.

4) Dot Dollars & Hostess Bonus Days - I am still trying to book using these fantastic incentives. I booked a show for the 19th on Sunday! There is still plenty of time to book into the last two weeks.

5) Be prepared - You never know when you are going to run into someone. The doctors office, a coffee shop, the mall. So why not pack a pouf or bring it with a few pretty pieces and take it with you.

Happy Selling!