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Copyrights: A definition

A copyright is a collections of rights granted to the author of a piece of work the moment it is tangible. There are Five different types of copyrighted works.

Does this guy look familiar?

Shakespeare's work is a perfect example of a public domain. His work is not copyrighted by law, so english teachers can make copies of his different plays.

Does this icon look familiar?

Itunes is freeware. It has a copyright, but the software is free.

Want a Netflix free trial?

Netflix has a free trial, making it shareware. Shareware is copyrighted work that you can use, share, and copy for free, for a limited time or limited edition.

Pretty much all that you purchase.

All rights reserved are copyrights that allow usage according to an agreement, and usually involves money. Things like Microsoft word use all rights reserved.

Want to add something cool?

Open sources allow you to add onto their software and improve however you want. Google chrome allows this, as do a lot of software.