Jimmy Goes Soaring

A story about a jaguar who can fly

One day Jimmy the jaguar was taking a lovely nap, and was having a wonderful dream. His dream was about him learning to fly. As jimmy was getting ready for his first flight Bob the bird stepped in and told him the he will train Jimmy to learn to fly. Jimmy thought about this wonderful idea for a minute or two, and then he decided to have Bob teach him to fly. Bob said perfect we will start in the morning, and be sure you get lots of sleep tonight because you will be exhausted after at least a couple of hours. Jimmy said ok and went home to get some rest and he couldn't stop thinking about the next morning he only got 7 hours of sleep!!

The next morning Jimmy was so pumped to start learning to fly. Jimmy went over to Bobs house to start flying. Bobs first rule was to stay low unless I tell you that you can go higher. Bobs second rule was to trust him and to do what ever he says. Rule number three is to always have fun. The first thing Bob had to do with Jimmy was carry him above the tallest tree in the forest and then drop him to see if he can fly or not. So as they got to the biggest tree in the forest Bob dropped Jimmy and Jimmy fell and fell. As jimmy was about to hit the ground and die he woke up from his dream and couldn't remember anything about the dream.

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