What's Happening at SimTiki

Courses & CME Opportunities - Nov & Dec 2018

Nov 2: UHPG CVD Fellowship

Nov 5: SimTiki Academy Colloquium

Nov 7: JABSOM MS4 EM Clerkship

Nov 9: JABSOM MS4 Ped Skills

Nov 15: SimTiki Journal Club & SimTiki Community Colloboration & Outreach - St. Andrew's Priory

Nov 19: SimTiki Academy Colloquium

Nov 21: JABSOM MS3 Trauma I

Nov 27: SimTiki Research Meeting

Nov 28: JABSOM MS2 MD6 Musculoskeletal, Brain and Behavior

Nov 29: SimTiki Academy Colloquium & JABSOM MS3 Ped Clerkship

Dec 3: JABSOM MS1 MD2 CardioPulm

Dec 4: JABSOM MS4 Ped Skills

Dec 5: JABSOM MS3 Ped Clerkship

Dec 7: SimBites - CME/CE Credits Offered

Dec 12: JABSOM MS3 Ped Clerkship

Dec 13: SimTiki Journal Club

Dec 13-14: Fundamental Critical Care Support - CME/CE Credits Offered

Dec 18-19: JP FunSim


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For registration & information regarding these courses, please email help@simtiki.org or call 808-692-1085.

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