Dream Weavers Journal

November 2014

Cheers to a Great October and Hello, November!

Ladies, I hope you are enjoying the cooler air and all the fun that is fall!

Team Dream Weavers did an AMAZING job ending October with a bang with a total of 11,817! That deserves a big WOOHOO- it was definitely a team effort. Congrats, ladies! Enjoy those commission checks on the 10th!

Start Swell Level 1 earners: Hope Dawley, Kyleigh Eubanks

Start Swell Level 2 earners: Jantel Thomas, Cortney Bruce, Amanda Brazil, Kelly Lewis

Start Swell Level 3 earner: Lorna Nunez

Congrats on a job well done! Go for your next level! Remember, there is a 100.00 bonus for every consultant who you recruit and qualifies (meets first $1000) during your Start Swell earning periods!

November has potential to be our biggest month of the year! People are gearing up for the holidays and holiday shopping is starting! Have fun with your parties this month! Host cookie exchange, ornament exchange, gift-giving, or give-back parties. Your hostesses and guests will appreciate the fun themes and love the gift of girlfriend time you are giving them.


Between family, job, outside commitment and my Thirty-One business, my life sometimes feels a little bit out of whack. It gets to feeling that way when I ALLOW it to get there by allowing my time commitments to get "cluttered." I'm getting better at the balancing act and have learned that just as Ischedule my workday, doctor's appointments, and other commitments, I must schedule appointments for my business. Business does not need to be worked all the time, but when it is worked, the time must be purposeful to be productive. Your business should not conflict with work, family time, or other "have-tos" of life. If you find that happening, it's time for a sit-down with yourself and your schedule. Customers should be responded to timely, but they don't expect immediate attention. Hostess coaching needs to be done, but break it down into easy to perform tasks. You are the boss! Tell your business what to do for you :)

Want some coaching- let me know :)