New Brunswick

a awesome place to visit

Fredriction is the capital of New Brunswick. In Fredriction it has lots of beautiful gardens and big mountians.
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Major Landforms

Some major landforms are Bay of Fundy, Hope Well Rocks, Reversing Falls.

Bay of Fund

Bay of Fundy Tide, Time-lapse, Fundy National Park

Reversing Falls

Reversing Falls (Rapides Réversibles) @ Saint John, New Brunswick, Canada.

Reversing Falls

Hope Well Rocks

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Natural Resoursus

crops Strawberry ,Grape, Banana, Corn, Cucumber, Soybeans. after the crops are grown we eat them.
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Job Opportunites

jobs they have are the Market like Remarks , Gas Station, Pet Value, Mc. Donalds, Teacher, Farmers, Zoo,

3 Wonder Quiestons

where is the bay of Fundy- it is located in bicyicle tower

what is the population of New Brunswick- 753,914

how long does the bay of fundy take to boat-it takes 6 hours and 13 minutes to boat across the bay of fundy