Seventh Grade Multimedia Lecture:

A 'Smashing' Way to Show Off Your Spring Break Vacation

Since school has just returned from Summer Break, I am sure many of your students are sharing stories and telling each other about their adventures from last month. Here is a great way to use their technology devices and our new BYOD policy to allow your students to visually tell stories about their Summer Vacation.

We will be using a technique called App Smashing, which is when your students use their BYOD devices to combine multiple apps that can be used to create and share information

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Apps We Will Use:

The apps we will use to complete this project are:

What to do:

Get your students to bring in a few pictures they have saved on their devices from their Summer vacations. Using Photo Mapo, they can add maps and locations of where they went for Summer Break. This app is a great tool to add interesting aspects to their projects. Next, have the students use Pic Jointer to splice multiple pictures from their Summer Vacation together. If they went to multiple places, they can splice multiple pictures, each with their own map from Photo Mapo together. Next, have them use the great app called ThingLink to add videos, audio, and links. Then, the students can use Google Docs to share and look at each other's projects.

Here is a great example of an App Smashed project using all of these apps.

How to Assess the Projects:

In order to grade the students' projects, you can judge them on creativity, originality, and thoughtfulness. Make sure the students provide original artwork and provide detailed information with their projects. This is a great way for your students to express themselves while using their devices in class.